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Training for crew from Nanjing Tanker Corporation

Time:2017.03.22    Source:Seven Seas Electronic      Author:Anna


Mr. Liu deping, who is the ship management department Supervisor of Nanjing Tanker Corporation led a team of 14 people to our company for three days of technical exchange and training of crew’s communication & navigation skills. 

In the afternoon of 22nd Mar. 2017 after the crew arrival at our company they introduced and communicated with our training teachers, and then the crew were divided into three groups for training. 


On 23rd Mar.2017 Mr. Jin Lijun spoke on the operation & maintenance for JRC GMDSS equipment. Mr. Wu Jicheng trained for the operation & maintenance for JRC radar & ECDIS and the replacement for consumables as well. Mr. Zhangwei focused on the assembly and dismantling of STD-22 gyro compass, the maintenance and how to troubleshoot when error codes and alarmoccured. 

Our three training teachers conducted round-the-clock training for the crew. In the course of training, the crew learned the actual operation and achieving a good teaching effect.

On 24th Mar. 2017 the instructors summarized the training contents and then communicated and exchanged experience with the crew. So far all the training programs had been completed successfully and the leaders of Nanjing Tanker Corporation given full recognition and high praise to our arrangement and training.

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