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JRC Partner Meeting 2015 at Taihu

Time:2015.10.24    Source:Seven Seas Electronic      Author:Anna

As a famous marine equipment supplier , JRC has earned a good reputation in the world since 1915. To celebrate the 100th anniversary, JRC partner meeting 2015 was held at Suzhou Taihu on October 23 , 2015.

As JRC authorized agent, we are honored to have been invited to this meeting. The attendance of our company: Frank Ren(General manager of Shanghai headquarters), Amos (General manager of our Singapore Company) , Zane (General Manager of our Thailand company ), Tom Ma(General manager of our Dalian Company), Hang Zhao (General manager of our Qingdao Company),Shunliang He(General manager of our Xiamen Company), Jincai Yuan( Vice general manager of Shanghai headquarters), Wei Zhang(automation department manager of Shanghai headquarters), Leo Lee(Sales manager of Shanghai headquarters), Anna Chen(manager assistant of Shanghai headquarters.

The meeting held in the afternoon on October 23, on the conference JRC introduced new products and analyzed the current grim situation of global shipping industry as well. In order to cope with the market, JRC formulates relevant plans and strategies and works together with all agents to meet the challenges.

The next morning, all the agents took part in outdoor confrontation games, such as tug of war,rope skipping,Dribbling relay. All participants enjoyed this intense competition very much. At last the group shot drawn to a successful end for this JRC partner meeting.

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