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JRC & SSE Nanjing Seminar 2015

Time:2015.12.07    Source:Seven Seas Electronic      Author:Anna


On December 7, 2015, JRC & Seven Seas Electronic Products Promotion Seminar successfully held in Nanjing. This meeting is strongly supported by the local shipyards, Ship owners, ship management companies and the partners.

The attendance of JRC as follows: Mr. Harry, Mr. Nao, Mr. Yamana, Mr. DJ, Mr. Yan Wangfei, Mr. Reid, Mr. Victor etc. In addition, Mr. Steve & Mr. Keen from Jeppesen ENC attended the meeting as well.


At the meeting, JRC made the introduction for ECDIS one stop service , J-Marine Cloud technology and some latest products, given the presentation for MFD operation.  At the end of the question and answer session,the representatives played an active part in the discussion and the conference went with an enthusiastic atmosphere.

   JRC & Seven Seas Electronic Products Promotion Seminar 2015 has enhanced the understanding and trust between us and our customers. We will also strive to provide better service.

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