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3days Trip in Nanjing Tangshan

Time:2015.05.31    Source:Seven Seas Electronic      Author:Anna

  Hot springs are all over the country, while in Southern China, Nanjing Tangshan hot-spring is the most famous. Tangshan scenery is beautiful and unique, the combination of human landscape and natural scenery. This is a good place for leisure.

  In order to ease the pressure and have a relax, to enhance communication between colleagues, to enhance mutual friendship and team spirit, from May 29th to May 31st , 2015 our company organized the staff to come to Nanjing Tangshan Hot Springs Resort for a period of 3 days of pleasant trip.

On the second day, we held an excellent table tennis and badminton match to stimulate the vitality of our staff. The contestants worked hard and the audiences were also very enthusiastic. After fierce competition, the general manager of Qingdao branch, Mr. Zhao Hang won the Men's Singles Badminton championshipThe Manager Assistant of Shanghai headquarter Ms. Anna won the Women's Singles Badminton championship;The vice general manger of Shanghai headquarter Mr. Yuan Jin Cai gained the table tennis men's singles championThe accounting of Shanghai headquarter Ms. Feng Ling Ling was crowned the table tennis Women's singles champion.

On the third day, we went to enjoy hot springs. There are all kinds of hot water bathing pools, such as fish pool, rose pool, milk pool, red wine pool and so on. After Hot spring, the fatigue has disappeared without a trace and we felt refreshed.

 This trip deepen the understanding between employees and strengthen the cohesion of the team. We believe that all the staff will hurl themselves into a new round of work with more energy and more enthusiasm. Each employee will contribute their strength and work together for the splendid tomorrow of Seven Seas Electronics.

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